Sunday, September 18, 2005

Junk Science

I decided to post a comment by an anonymous reader, along with my response. Here goes:

Anonymous said...
I am surprised that a stone mason, one who works with ancient materials, would have such a backward attitude. I remember when the well driller, who drilled our well told me to look at the rock chips coming up out of the hole he was drilling. I asked what I was lookng at and he said there is the proof that the earth is more than 4000 years old. I couldn't agree more. I understand, however, that you must cling to your beliefs or else your life would fall apart. That would be unlike the rock you work with, which only depends on itself and has no foolish expectations.

Here's my response: (I could go on for days, but I don't have the time.)
If you think I don't know anything about rock, try these links on for size:
Get A Half-Life
Articles And Links

"It is interesting that you choose to post anonymously. In answer to your comment, first of all, the Bible doesn't say the earth is 4000 years old. Adam was made of the dust of the Earth more than 6000 years ago, and the material God used to fashion the "creation" described in Genesis was already in existence... created "in the beginning", before Lucifer's fall. If you were to study the geologic phenomena of the Mount St. Helens eruption, you would realize that most of what you were taught in school about geology is fiction. Huge valleys and canyons are carved in a matter of hours, not millenia, by mud flows in the aftermath of large-scale volcanic eruptions and floods... like Noah's flood. Coal beds form not in peat bogs, but in lake and sea beds from the bark that sinks from floating logs... which had been forests before the catastrophe. The ancient Romans used volcanic ash and sand to make "stone"... which is exactly what happened about 4500 years ago on a global scale, in the aftermath of the Flood. That, my friend, is real science, not the fairy tales they teach in the government schools.
Furthermore, there was a university study done on the segregation of aggregates by moving water and air. The results showed that the assumptions used by geologists in "determining" the ages of rock strata are completely erroneous. The layers were laid down concurrently in a progression away from the source of the flow... not over a period of millenia. This explains many geologic phenomena, such as for instance the trees found buried upright in rock layers whose genesis supposedly spanned millions of years. There are a lot of them in Spirit Lake right now, in the aftermath of Mount St. Helens. When floating logs sink, they often "float" below the surface with their root-end downward, and are then buried in volcanic ash and mud. These are the same sedimentary rock layers that geologists claim took millions of years to be laid down.
Quoting:"The story of flash-frozen mammoths with food still in their teeth is well documented by Hancock and (if I'm remembering right) White. When I get home this evening I will look this up in their books and give their references to documents written by the Russian explorers who found these and more."
For more information, try this:
  • The Boneyards

  • "I remember those stories from when I was a kid.
    Buttercups, the mammoths had mouthfulls of buttercups.
    And the meat had been frozen SO fast, that some of the discoverers were brave enough, to cook, and eat a few portions.."

    I'm still looking for my original (unimpeachable) sources, but here's some material you might find interesting in the interim. I prefer to use primary, not secondary information.
    The material on polar shift theory, in my opinion, only describes what happened in the wake of the root cause of the Flood, best described in the book by the astrophysicist. (An asteroid-like visitor from space brought (cold!) water that (1.) produced six inches of rainfall per minute for 40 days and (2.) knocked the earth off its axis by it's gravitational pull in a near-collision.)
    The wooly mammoths lived in regions which are very cold now, but were not so cold before the Flood, as the earth was more temperate due to its water canopy. The plant species growing there were in what we now know as an arctic region, but it was not at that time an arctic climate. Don't miss the importance of the point on how rapidly and unexpectedly they were frozen... in a matter of minutes, without warning. The temperature has been estimated to have been -150 degrees Fahrenheit. This information predates the movie "The Day After Tomorrow by about 100 years. Evolutionists have a vested interest in ridiculing and stonewalling this information. What I'm saying is, there's plenty of information out there to prove the Bible is true and the evolutionists are liars. They try awfully hard to skew the data, and if you look into their eyes, you'll know you're dealing with crooked used-car salesmen. I doubt you'll ever hear an evolutionist give an honest, fair and balanced presentation of the case for evolution. If you believe evolution is "fact", you've been "educated" beyond your intelligence.
    Saying that the wooly mammoths were partly decomposed is nothing but obfuscation and dissimulation. Try putting any animal in the freezer and see what its guts smell like in about 4500 years. Cold enough to kill is not necessarily cold enough to flash freeze a large animal to its core and preserve it for 4500 years. For most of that time, it probably wasn't as cold as your household freezer. The facts are that they were grazing on buttercups when a storm hit that was so ferocious they froze to death in less than 10 minutes standing upright with their legs frozen in ice and the buttercups still in their mouths. A violent force beyond human comprehension tore their bodies apart and tossed them in heaps. Some were frozen in a standing position and their legs were then sheared off by the force of the storm. That synchronizes perfectly with the information about the "asteroid" and polar shifts.
    I've received some flak to the effect that I must be stupid or something. I don't consider myself to be the sharpest tack in the box, but God has blessed me with a reasonable level of intelligence. I've had a fractured skull, three serious concussions, brain damage from a fever of 106.5 degrees, brain damage from over-consumption of MSG, and mild heat stroke. I'm 55 years old, and not as sharp as I used to be, but I took an IQ test a few weeks ago and scored 132. I wonder how well some of my critics would do.
    The "ice age", such as it was, lasted a very short time and occurred as a result of the Great Deluge (Noah's Flood). There's a book on the subject written by an astrophysicist.
    Neither my beliefs nor my life are in any danger of "falling apart". Both are founded upon a Rock, and that Rock is Christ, who made the worlds and all that is in them. Chips of old rock coming up from a drilling operation can't prove anything, as this earth is made of "recycled materials".
    Whatever happens to this old world, I know where I'll spend eternity. What about you? Will you, like the rock of which you speak, "depend only on yourself"? And if my "foolish expectations" are wrong, what have I lost? If yours are wrong, you will have lost everything. That was "Pascal's Wager". Are you willing to wager your eternal soul? Salvation is not in any particular church, but in Christ alone. I'm saved not because I'm a Baptist, or even a particularly good person, but because I've put my faith and trust in Christ. The circumstances of this life may blow up in my face, but my eternal destiny is secure.

    Here are two sites that may be of interest, also: Articles And Links I found the Mount St. Helens information to be EXCELLENT!


    Curtis said...

    Very nice blog even if I don't subscibe to your "science". Now that you have posted at Billycreek and have made an adversary I look forward to your exchanges with Coldh2o. I guess you are a troll. But I'm adding your site to my favorites anyway.

    D70S-owner said...

    Nice photos! Now I see why they call point and shoot cameras idiot proof.

    Craig Lowery said...

    I know the D70S is the best. Stop gloating. As a matter of fact, I bought a D70 for my son this summer. (In his opinion, for him, the S wasn't worth the extra $.) No, as a matter of fact he WORKED for it by helping me in my masonry business. I'll eventually have an S for myself. You got any more cheap shots, Bubba?

    Anonymous said...

    How come you don't ride an American bike? Are you French or something? Not much of a patriot.

    Craig Lowery said...

    No, as a matter of fact I'm an AMERICAN of Scottish, Irish, English, amd GERMAN descent. So what are you, an Indian? I've owned two Harleys, two Hondas, and three BMW's. (The BMW is GERMAN in case you didn't know.) The BMW will run circles around any factory Harley that has ever been built. If you don't believe it, test drive one (a K1200S, that is.) It took me all of 5 minutes to fall in love with the coolest bike on the planet. Harleys are OK, and I wouldn't mind having one, but if it's to be only one bike, the K1200S is definitely it. I hear Harley's going past my house all the time, wide-open-throttle, and going nowhere. They make me laugh. My BMW does 0 to 60 in under 2.8 seconds, and 140 in a quarter mile. I also own about 20 American-made rifles, shotguns and hand guns. If I buy a Mauser, does that make me a German, or unpatriotic?

    Seth said...

    Hi. I have a blog because I'm an aerospace engineer. And I'm Catholic. I have a post about why an airplane crashed, and I'd love it if you would give me an alternate explanation. In the meantime, I'll just point out that the speed of light is constant, and triangulation(geometry(math)) isn't easy to refute. So, when astronomers say they've seen light that's a billion years old, they usually know what they're talking about. Please refute.

    Anonymous said...

    Chew on this:

    It’s most likely that they perished toward the end of the Ice Age, possibly in catastrophic dust storms. Partially digested stomach contents are not proof of a snap freeze, because the elephant’s stomach functions as a holding area—a mastodon with preserved stomach contents was found in mid-western USA, where the ground was not frozen.

    Please, don't make fun of science & don't make fun of police officers. What kind of a father are you? I pity your children - having a father who does not believe in respecting officers of the law. Go our & speed on your foreign bike all you want, just don't wear a helmet.

    Craig Lowery said...

    Here we go, in chronological order. Seth first. "God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all." I John 1:5. So there was light before God made the stars or anything else. God created the earth, grass and trees BEFORE He created the sun and moon. God's light was sufficient. God is light, and how old is God? In the New Heaven and New Earth, there will be no more need for the sun, for God Himself will be our Light. The idea that light might be a billion years old is no refutation for the notion of the earth being less than 10,000 years old. In Genesis 1:3, God said "Let there be light" or "let light be". This ended the darkness and judgement that followed Lucifer's rebellion against God. There are three earths in the Bible (past, present, and future). II Peter 3: 5-7. The earth that existed before the Flood is the same one we have now... God didn't destroy it, He just passed judgement on rampant sin. The past one was the source of the material used in the Genesis description of what God MADE which is different from creating out of nothing, as He did in the "beginning". I could give other reasons as well, but I think it irrelevant to the issue. I've done a little reading on sites that purport to "refute" the teachings of Kent Hovind and Ken Ham. Not everything they teach is 100 % true, as they're fallible men like the rest of us. On balance, though, I find them more honest than their critics. God's enemies are always cleverly spouting little "factoids" that mean nothing at at all in terms of the truth of God's Word.
    I could comment on how the speed of light might be affected by the medium it is traveling through, or by extremely strong magnetic or gravitational fields, (or by God Himself!) but I think it is irrelevant to the issue.
    Is there a reason why I should be interested in giving an alternate explanation for a crash?

    Craig Lowery said...

    Next up: "anonymous".
    The first sentence posits a circular argument. You assume what you attempt to prove. The idea of a long ice age is not supported by the evidence, as I discussed in my post regarding mud flows and catastrophic events. The St. Helens mud flow carved a path more than 100 feet deep and 1000 feet wide through solid rock in a matter of hours. Your midwestern mastodon may or may not have died in circumstances identical to what I described on my post as a "ferocious storm" the like of which has not occurred before or since, according to God's Word. The Flood was accompanied by violent volcanic eruptions all over the earth, so the discussion of how this mastodon perished or was preserved is irrelevant to my position. Perhaps the volcanic dust and ash got to him first. This world will perish by fire according to II Peter 3:10. I think a more important point to consider is "where will you be?"
    I have great respect for science. I love it, but I detest liars and deceivers. The sites purporting to "thoroughly discredit" Hovind and Ham are LOADED with deliberate misrepresentations and deceptions. My oldest son is a third year science major in college. He has access to a lot of information that will never be taught in the government schools or government-controlled "accredited" schools. No accredited school can give creationism a balanced presentation. The government dictates their choice of course materials.
    I know plenty of police officers whom I admire and respect. I don't respect individuals who behave like belligerent jackasses, whether they wear a uniform or not. I don't hate or disrespect them, I just hate it when what they do interferes with what I love to do. Smile and make friendly conversation while you write me a ticket, and I go home happy. I'm an adrenaline junkie. I love the total concentration and finesse that is required in a fast pass over a crooked road. It's good therapy... very relaxing and satisfying. I don't have a death wish. I love life.
    As far as "speeding on my foreign bike" is concerned, what kind of bigot are you? Have the Germans sworn to destroy America, as the Chinese have, and does your wife ever shop at Walmart?
    My speeding has never injured anyone. Where there is no injury, there is no offense. In Germany, there is no speed limit, but if you CAUSE AN ACCIDENT, you're in big trouble. Sounds like a sensible approach to me.
    If I see you on the road, I'll be sure not to follow your decrepit sluggish hog very far... it might drop body parts in my path. A Harley is an over-priced crude pushrod engined anachronism. Sure, I like them, but they're inferior. The V Rod was a nice try, but way short of the mark. It's a lame slug compared to the K12S. Come on, Harley... build a better bike.

    Craig Lowery said...

    Yeah, I know there are other American-made bikes, but I have a problem with paying $10,000 more than the cost of my BMW for a bike that my BMW can run circles around, and still be doing it 20 years from now, with no major repairs. If I had a lot of money to waste, I'd buy an Iron Horse or some other Harley clone.

    Anonymous said...

    Good grief. You're a cafeteria law-abider. How sad. Typical of the christian right.

    Craig Lowery said...

    Well, I guess we've covered that topic. Next?

    Anonymous said...

    We've not even begun halo-boy.

    Craig Lowery said...

    So where are all your dazzlingly intelligent scientific arguments, Troll Hunter? In case you can't read fourth grade English and may have missed the point,or maybe your attention span isn't long enough to actually read my blog post, I said I'm not saved as a result of being a particularly good person, but because of my faith and trust in Someone who IS. If you think your goodness gives you a snowball's chance in hell when you stand before God someday, I've got news for you... you're damned. No flesh shall be justified in His sight. The only two things that can stand between you and eternal hellfire are your faith and God's grace. God's perfect plan for His universe in eternity doesn't look like a cross between Road Warrior and Revenge of the Sith.
    No halos here... just faith in a sinless Saviour, who was God manifested in human flesh. Yeah, the same Jesus who created this old world will judge it. He will also be my attorney when I stand before God the Father. "Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement."
    Poor Cold h2o must be terribly disappointed. Where are the hordes of troll hunters offering scientific proof of my stupidity? It seems they've failed to materialize. I guess I should thank him, though, for providing a link to my blog.

    coldH2O said...

    I must say, after reading these comments & your responses, I don't need any scientific proof of your mental abilities. But I understand your last post, a person can be a low-down son-of-a-bitch, but as long as (s)he uses god a a lawyer, everything is OK. Oh, it must feel wonderful to be a racist bastard, & know you will be sipping the nectar of the gods - it's the mantra of the bigoted religious right - you will not be judged by your deeds, just whether or not you make some lame commitment to a man/god who supposedly cried out, or whined as the case may be, "My god, my god, why hast thou forsaken me?" What a loving father, killing his own son. I hope you build your buildings with more care than you do your arguments.

    Craig Lowery said...

    The racist bastards are those who use the victims of a natural disaster for political gain and who formerly ruined their lives and culture by enabling their attachment to the nipple of Nanny State. As for Jesus Christ, He volunteered for the job, God was in complete control, and it was all done out of love for lost sinners. A low-down son-of-a-bitch is someone who is so self-conceited and self-righteous he spits in the face of God and refuses his only hope of redemption. If we break God's law (and all of us do) we answer to God in His court on His terms. You're not ready for that. Congratulations. You have attained a new low.