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Road Map to the Future

The paragraph which formerly appeared here has been removed as a result of some intensive research. I have come to the realization that the political players who APPEAR to run the show are complicit in and helped plan and orchestrate the evil condition that has befallen this once great nation. Do your own research. You might want to start with the "Angel is next" scenario that took place on 9/11, "Angel" of course being Air Force One. Then you might want to view the 4-part series of Martial Law 911.

"The "19 Arab hijackers" were just a cover story... dupes who were "handled", paid, trained and entertained by Black Ops agents just as Timothy McVeigh of OKC fame was, and for strikingly similar reasons. Mohammed Atta was trained at an Air Force base in Florida. At least 5 of the "hijackers" (who supposedly died on 9/11) are known to be alive and well. The names of NONE of the 19 appear on any flight manifest, and the "voice recordings" are cloned fakes. "Flight 77" which supposedly struck the Pentagon was not even an airplane. We may never know the precise fate of the passengers who were offloaded at an evacuated airport (other than the certainty that they are DEAD. The command and control center for the operation was not a cave in Afghanistan, but Building 7 at the World Trade Center. The players who planned and executed the disaster we refer to as "9/11" inhabit the highest echelons of banking, politics, and global corporate hegemony. Mr. Bush is allowed to continue to live and be President as long as he follows orders. JFK flatly refused "Operation Northwoods" (as well as other Illuminati schemes) and we all know what happened to him about a year later. Things could be a lot WORSE than the perilous and possibly hopeless situation we presently have with Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, China, Mexico, Venezuela, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon etc. We could all be dead or trying to survive a nuclear winter and radiation sickness. Or, if one General had not disobeyed orders, we would have been under martial law for the last five years.

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So without further delay, here is an exerpt from Historic Christianity (which is a favorite blog I read when I can find the time), written by a fine gentleman and scholar, Jack H.

Paganism is every religion but one. The Mystery is every religion but one. The worship of the Dragon is every religion but one. The Deceiver has been climbing the mountain and clawing at the throne of God since before the fiery stones of Eden dimmed and grew cool. The goddess whored after all the crowns of the true God. The pagans ransacked true prophecy, and offered in their "goddess" a false virgin, a false mediator, a false Spirit; the only thing she could not be called was "God the Father", and she got around that by being called "Mother Goddess". And so with the child of paganism: false seed and branch, false mediator and savior, false victor and judge.

In Is 66:17, we read of the One, and the abomination, and the mouse, and the eating of swine's flesh. We have here the false father, the false spirit, and the false son. We even have the false communion supper, in the eating of pig flesh: cannibals have informed us that human flesh has the same taste as pork, so much so that they call man "the long pig". We might be thankful that later pagans were so refined in their tastes as to refrain from ritually consumed human flesh, but we can certainly see why such rites were abhorrent to the godly.

We have already heard what God has to say about all this, as when we read of the Image of Jealousy (Ezek 8:3). God is jealous because that which is His has been stolen and twisted. But more than jealousy, I think God feels grief. We are only told explicitly of a few of the emotions which Jesus felt. He felt anger, we are told, and sorrow and deep distress, and love. And we know that Jesus wept. He wept over lost Jerusalem. He wept not at the victory of the Adversary, but at the damage he does in meeting his defeat.

I think that Satan has never read the Bible. I think he knows some parts of it, just enough to twist the meaning. Like every cultist, Satan gets the context wrong. (Note from your host: Satan is the prototypical Charismatic leader) I think that Satan thinks he can win — not in his deepest heart, but in his mind, he thinks that he can somehow pull it off. Hitler in his bunker was making plans for his victory.

Do you imagine angelic psychology is much different than human? Subtract the influence of childhood, and they must have very much in common with us. That they have maturity where we are still in our infancy, is a detail that will diminish in effect in the coming millenia. That they cannot know death is merely the fate of those Christians who will be Raptured – and in any case, even those of us who go through that temporary separation from our bones will eventually have an eternity separating us from that one-time trauma. We have very much in common with angels – being both higher and lower than they, it might average out to about equal.

Given this, Satan’s motivations are not impenetrable. He has an ego. This is a condition of which you know nothing? I doubt it. He is spiteful. Anyone who has watched children at play must be aware of this emotion. The great difference now, is that he has power to harm, and we have power only to ask for protection. Send us a Michael, O Lord. But their battles are beyond our perceptions. Ignorance is our assurance of contentment.

We are children, sorely in need of protection. The world is harsh and our only comfort seems to be in believing we are safe. Certainly we are not safe, physically. Everyone dies. Not safe. If we can extract some happiness from our lives, then we will be happy. But it must be a precarious happiness, relying on unseen fences and protectors of whom we are only told. But we are told, and we must draw comfort from this. In another place, I have written how even the heavens declare the beginning and the end. This biblical phrase refers not only to nature, but to what has been imposed upon nature, by prophets - the constellations. My point is that this message, so clear when it is clearly expressed, has been twisted most contemptably, whether by design or accident. Again, what was meant for protection was used for harm. We mustn't listen to liars. We mustn't be deceived. Every little child must hold his father's hand when troubling strangers approach.

Well, I’m just making this up as I go along. Hope I’m not boring you. There’s more to say, if you can stand it.

6. Satan As Tapeworm

This is the penultimate installment of my look at the reality of mythology and its relevance for the possibly near-future - extracted from the final chapter of my The Serpent in Babel. We've looked at the corporal return of Jesus, the social changes that facilitate conditions for the Antichrist, the political situation that promises the rise of a literal Babylon, and the historical factors that have brought us where we find ourselves. Didn't think it was that organized, did you. I'll leave it for you to catagorize the following.


I have saved one last piece of mythology — regarding Nimrod. The annals of China reach back to Babel itself. Reports that the history of China is unbroken are simply incorrect, given the mas­sive book-burnings of Emperor Tsin-shi-hoang (246-209 bc), in which virtually all the ancient tomes were destroyed. Some books were recov­ered from the memory of an old scholar, and others are said to have been pre­served in the tomb of Confucius — but given their murky pro­venance, these must be counted as secondary records.

Be that as it may, traditions which refer to the most an­cient times tell of a famous woman, "the mother of the king of the west." (Annals of the Bamboo Books, Legge, Vol. 3, pp. 114‑115.) She was the mother of the world's first king, who had black skin. He was named Shun, and his father was Chusou or Kusou. Do these cha­racters sound familiar? They are Semiramis, Nimrod, and Cush. The point is that this king, Shun / Nimrod [always represented as black], was said to have eyes which shone "doubly bright" — an indica­tion of demonic possession.

The serpent winds round not just trees, not just temples, but men as well. Nimrod seems to have been such a man. If Hindu gurus shine with reflected light, beguiling fools into calling them holy men, how much more the High Priest and King of Baby­lon?

Judas was a thief, in a position of great trust, as treasurer. We know he went out and worked miracles, with all the other pairs of disci­ples. We know that his feet were washed by Jesus Himself, and that he ate at the Lord's table, and took bread from His hands. And it may indeed be that Satan actually went into Judas, just before the final betrayal (Lk 22:3, Jn 13:27). Afterwards, Judas went and hanged himself.

And it is my conviction that Hitler was such a man — if not possessed by Satan himself, then certainly possessed by some un­derling, and a willing ally of Satan. In his youth, one of the only two books which Hitler was known to have actually stud­ied was a child's storybook on the Nordic gods and heroes. A part of his personal library as Fuhrer was recovered after World War II, and among those books which give evidence of having been well-studied — alongside racist pamphlets, tracts on pseudo­science, and pornographic books and films — were stories about Wotan and the Germanic pan­theon, and books about magic symbols and the occult. (R.G.L. Waite, The Psychopathic God: Adolph Hitler (NY: Basic Books, 1977), pp. 69‑70, 270.)

During Hitler's youth in Vienna, he sought out the publisher of an occult magazine, Ostara — one Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, who wrote articles in favor of polygamy for "pure blooded Aryans" and forced sterilization for "inferi­or" races — and of extermination of non-Aryans in Germany. (Much of the information contained in this and the following two para­graphs is abstracted from N. Goodrick-Clarke, The Occult Roots of Nazism, Secret Aryan Cults and Their influence on Nazi Ideology - NY: New York University Press, 1992.) Lanz was founder of the racist "Order of the New Templars," and authored the amusingly titled Theo-Zoology or the Lore of the Sodom-Apelings and the Electron of the Gods, which taught that Jesus was the last of a super race which had cohabited with beasts to form a sub-human race (an idea indebted to Madam Blavatsky and her Theosophy), and that modern man was the remnant of these gods, with Aryans the purest.

Prior to WW I, the rising interest in the occult led to the formation in Austria and Germany of a number of "Ariosophic" societies, which focused on the idea of a "pure" human race, somehow imbued with special worth. One such pathologically anti-semitic secret order, the Germanenorden, practiced intricate occult ceremonials until its leadership devolved upon the wealthy Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (Rudolf Blauer), who changed its name to the "Thule Society", espousing the doctrine of ancient wisdom guarded by super-human masters who could be contacted by rituals and might deign to endow supplicants with prodigious power.

The society was recast as a political group aimed at destabilizing the Weimar Republic — indeed, the head of the Weimar government, Kurt Eisner, was assassinated by a confederate of the Thule Society, and in 1919 Thule trained troops fought against the communists who briefly took control of Bavaria. Von Sebottendorff broadened membership by disguising the occult aspect of the Thule Society, backing the formation of a racist, working class front organiza­tion, the German Workers Party (DAP). This is the group which Hitler transformed into the Nazi party: he recruited Thule members Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg, assumed ownership of the Thule socie­ty's weekly newspaper, and even used the Thule insignia, the swastika.

Hitler was certainly deeply influenced by racial lore, and his interest in the occult is well-document­ed, despite his public rejection and ridicule of the crasser pseudo-history of the Aryan mystics and such esoteric movements as Free Masonry, Theosophy and Anthrosophy. (Indeed, rejecting occult groups was sound not simply for reasons of respectability, but for security, given that MI 5 had a special Occult Bureau.) Vril, Zen, Sufi, Tibetan and similar influences are widely documented, and even if exaggerated, demonstrate a distinct pattern. Enduring reports exist of the Nazi plan to re-introduce worship of the Nordic pantheon, as a national Neo-Paganism. One of Nazi Germany's laws was that the cross be removed from all churches, replaced by the "immortal" sign of the swasti­ka. This paganism is even clearer in the case of Himmler, who made an Aryan guru, Karl Maria Wiligut, an SS Brigadier (until 1939, when his commitment in the 1920's to a mental institu­tion discredit­ed him). Wewelsburg Castle in Westphalia, which served as SS headquarters, was planned to be a Nazi Vatican, and was used as a temple where solstice rituals devised by Wiligut were per­formed.

Indeed, Hitler is claimed as an adherent of the anti-semitic occultic cabal of Theosophy. Foster Bailey, husband of Alice Bailey (third leader of that movement, after Blavatsky and Besant), wrote in 1972: “One attempt [at unifying Europe] was to begin by uniting the peoples living in the Rhine river valley using that river as a binding factor. It was an attempt by a disciple but did not work.” (Quoted in Cumbey, p. 88; emphasis added.) Who was this failing "disciple"? Hmm. Now, this in itself would be of only passing interest, until we remember what the man did. I have no problem believing that a man, without the aid of the supernatu­ral, could be as evil as Hitler was — yet it is my conviction that he was a specific tool of Satan who was trying to finish a task he set himself before mankind had Fallen.

Aside from Judas, Satan may possess that antichrist called the Beast. He will follow the pattern of Nimrod — and Hitler — as reli­gious and polit­ical leader, and conqueror, and tyrant. Since Nimrod's attempt to con­trol the entire world, similar attempts have been made, by Sesostris III of Egypt, by Sargon I of Akkad, by Hammu­rabi of Old Babylon, by Tiglath-Pileser III of Assyria, by Nebu­chadnezzer II of Chaldea; by the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and even the French and the Germans. None has succeed­ed. The Beast will succeed, for a time — just as Nimrod did. And like Nimrod, the Beast will meet his end in harsh judgment.

It is not for nothing that the myth of the hydra was in­vented, of a monster all but impos­sible to slay. After the conquest of Bab­y­lon and the death of Belshaz­zar, the Per­sians exiled the Chaldean priesthood, which settled in the new cultic center of Pergamos — which for this reason is called Satan's seat (Rev 2:13). The god-king there smiled on this circum­stance, and the pagans proceeded as usu­al. The last king of Per­gamos, Atta­lus III (138-133), willed his titles and dominions to Rome, and so the office of Pontifex Maximus, High Priest of the Babylo­nian system, devolved eventu­ally upon Julius Cae­sar, and thence to the Emperors, and fi­nally to the Popes. If the forms are so dif­ficult to exorcise, how much more the spirit?

The pattern of corruption set in Nimrod's time will hold in the future, as well. Just as Cush and Nimrod were the false prophet and the false messiah at Babel, so we are told (Rev 16:13 & 19:20) of the coming Beast and his prophet; and we find the whore, as well. And always behind the deceit is the Dragon, sprawling out from Eden, through Babel, through Rome, across the ages — woven in the branches of the Tree, coiled around the tiers of the Tower.
So there it is. Ready ... set ...

As I've said, don't panic. Balance and common sense. If you're "saved," you'll be celebrating at a wedding supper. If you're not, what are you worrying about? - you don't believe it anyway. And if you do believe it, but still aren't saved - well, I found myself in that very state, once upon a time. Allow me to commend to you the virtue of humility. Asking for help is a good way to get it. Same with salvation.

Well, I won't toy with your emotions any more. Was I cruel, to taunt you so? Maybe there's more, and maybe not. Hahaha! Just one last part and I'm done. Seeya.

Maybe. Hahaha!

7. The Place of Refuge

So much, about Satan. He must really be important or something. How uncomfortable. I suppose we could just not think about it. But let’s return to the subject one last time.


The spirit of antichrist has been loose since the fall of Satan. It is loose today. The evil of the world is not the sole product of Satan and his cohort — men queue up to debase themselves — but behind some of the wickedness (if I may use such a quaint term) is not the random depravity of undiscerning people, but a concerted effort to work against the will of God. This is what we have, at least in part, in the false religions which we have been examining in this work.

But in the time of the Tribulation, the work of antichrist will come into full fruit. The deception of that time will be supernatural. The gullibility of fools has always been exploited, but at this time it will be confirmed. The evil that men do just because they are fallen will be magnified, beyond all experience. Hitler's camps were just a rehearsal for what is to come. The surface of the globe will be a single, vast killing field.

The times in which we are living are fertile soil for the apostasy of the end times. The rise of the occult, the interest in astrology and tarot, the fascination with crystals and pyramids, the self-actualization fads and the New Age cults, the acceptance of reincarnation and the obsession with UFOs — these are the very tenets of the new, the neo-paganism which has surmounted the horizon and is already here.

Every prophet meets one of two fates. He is either like Jeremiah, ignored, grieving to see the doom of those he loves, or he is like Jonah, believed, witness to a vast repentance and revival. For my part, I am no prophet, but I know the future. As an American I live at the heart of a great cultural empire. And I pray that my nation will repent and turn away from the horror which it is becoming. But because I am a dour man, I expect the fate of Jeremiah, more than Jonah.

Yet I may well be wrong in my melancholy. The time may be prolonged. The pagans may be held off. Satan's puppet for this time may have to be discarded, and another selected again, as with Nimrod, and Hitler, and perhaps Alexander and Napoleon. The abomination to be enacted in the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem has been planned or attempted before, by Antiochus Epiphanes, by Caligula, by Titus. They could not enact Satan's agenda, and this gives us cause for hope. It is certain that the time of trouble will come, but as to when we cannot say.

In the meantime, each of us has two responsibilities — first to be saved, and second to tell the lost world about salvation. These two responsibilities are really the same thing: loving God. I mean the true God, who saves us not out of justice (getting what we deserve), not out of mercy (not getting what we deserve), but out of grace (getting what we do not deserve).

As for the true God, I hear the jaded voice of another Roman, who uttered the flat words, "What is truth?" He did not know that we do not define truth, we demonstrate it. The Truth was before him, and he did not know it. And so I shudder for the fate of America, and the world. But as for you, my friend, who have plowed through these many words to arrive here — there is no need for me to shudder for you. You have heard the truth, it has been placed before you, and if you are not yet saved, you can be. If you are not saved, put aside your faith in yourself — which is the core of every religion but one — and trust Jesus. Is it that simple? Well, is simple a problem? Should it be harder? Is there some special virtue in the complex? Is the grotesque more beautiful that the elegant?

Yes — it is that simple.

In the code of laws handed down through Moses, a man who caused an accidental death was vulnerable to the justice, the vengeance, of the victim's family (Num 35:9-34). The only mercy he could hope for was the haven of the nearest city of refuge, to which he could flee. But if he ever left that city, he was subject to immediate execution by the relatives. There was no advocate to whom the fugitive might appeal — no clever arguments or clouding of the issue, no moronic juries to vote their feelings instead of the facts. There is no price, no bribe, no ransom which would remove the blood from the land. Remember Ps 49:7-8: “None of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him — for the redemption of their souls is costly . . .” Only upon the death of the High Priest was the blood-guilt lifted. Only then could the fugitive return, free from fear of reprisal. The victim's family could no longer claim the price of his blood.

There is a ruler who takes what is worthless and counterfeit, and redeems it. There is a victim of your carelessness who not only forgives you but undoes the harm. There is an Advocate who is the Son of the Judge, and when he steps forward to speak for you, justice and mercy have no place — only grace. Our High Priest has died, and we are free. And He lives, and we are saved. No dismembered corpse of Osiris, no whoring Ishtar chasing after a missing penis, no bastard Horus-child squirming in the seat of the King. Only the truth.

No mere man can redeem his brother, nor ransom away our bondage — we do not have the resources to pay so great a price. But God would give us peace, for “this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all . . .” (1 Tim 2:3 6)


That's how my book, The Serpent in Babel, ends. The End. You didn't have to plow through those many words. If you had, I'd feel free to call you my friend - your patience and interest would have endeared you to me. In any event, I hope there's something of worth even in these not- quite- so- many words. Is there anything else to say? Yes.

We've read of the dark flowering of evil and the killing field it would make of the earth. So many noxious growths, there are. Too bad there isn't some way to foretell what will be poisonous and what will make us hale. But there isn't, when the seed is souls and how they respond to truth. Alas, some seed doesn’t spout and bear good fruit. Some seed is just birdfood. But we cannot know which, until the end. The earth, however, is not yet what for a time it will be. So we tend the garden as best we can, and shoo away the birds when we are able, and prune away what is unhealthy that the stalk and stem may flourish. Maybe something lovely will grow.

Norma McCorvey. Do you recognize the name? Perhaps you know her by another name. Jane Roe. Of Roe v. Wade – the Supreme Court case that struck down all regulation of abortion in the US. Sometime around '94 I saw her interviewed by Tom Snyder on his late night interview program. She was working at an abortion counseling center, and Operation Rescue, a pro-life Christian group, had moved into the next office. I recall she laughed and sneered at their hammering on the walls, pretending to be hanging pictures when it was so clear to her that they were just trying to harass the pro-choicers. I remember she made allusions to her wiccan faith or the goddess or some such. I remember Tom Snyder encouraging her, ending with, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” She smiled and said, “Oh no, I won’t.”

Some months later I heard that she had become Christian, and was working with Operation Rescue. It is a secret, but I’m a passionate guy … don’t spread it around. So I sat there and sobbed like a little girl. Norma McCorvey has found her city of refuge, where lovely things grow. What more is there to say.

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