Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hot News!

Re: Bombing Somalia
Read about how the US attacks in Somalia are empowering the warlords who killed 18 US troops ("Black Hawk Down") during the Clinton Administration.
Re: Articles of Impeachment
Re: Hustler March issue on 911 topic: You can get the high-resolution 5-part download here.

Order Aaron Russo's "AMERICA Freedom to Fascism" here or watch it on my Podcast here.

It's a good concise analysis of several aspects of the predicament we are in.

There is a terrorist threat, and it is the Order of Death, of which Bush is a member, which controls governments, masquerading under the banner of the "New World Order". You can find more videos here.
If you won't go along like a dumb sheep, you will be killed or imprisoned. They plan to eliminate about 80% of the world population.Watch the relevant video here.

Fox Show "24": Torture on TV

"There is nothing new under the sun." _Solomon

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