Wednesday, February 14, 2007

White House Press Reporter Finds His Cajones

In Heated Exchanges, Reporters Press Snow To Justify Iran Claims
We need more of this! Three cheers for Ed Henry!!! Personally, I'd have felt more gratified if he had beat the crap out of Snow Job Tony.
According to one reader (see comment #42) , here's what Ed Henry should have said: "Don't tell me to calm down. I will calm the f*ck down when you stop lying. You are over there using my money to spread all these government lies. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are dead, thousands of American soldiers are dead for nothing but lies and I am supposed to calm down. If you tell me once again to calm down, I will beat you until you start telling the truth. You are nothing but the people's servant, so DON'T EVER DISRESPECT THE PEOPLE."

Comment by Juan C — February 13, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

I agree. That's what the White House Press is for! Turn up the heat on this lying political whore and on the New World Order scum he pimps for.

Quote of the day:

QUESTION: Do you believe it's a civil war, sir?

Bush: "I can only tell me what people on the ground whose judgment -- it's hard for me, you know, living in this beautiful White House, to give you a first-hand assessment. I haven't been there. You have. I haven't. But I do talk to people who are -- and people whose judgment I trust -- and they would not qualify it as that. There are others who think it is."

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