Friday, September 28, 2007

Street Witnessing with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

Sit on the seat of a plane and watch over Ray's shoulder as he speaks with a young lady about her eternal salvation, 25,000 above the ground.

Watch basic principles of street witnessing get put into practice as Kirk witnesses to hardened gang members at Santa Monica, Southern California.

You will be delighted to see this man's reaction to being confronted by Kirk about his sinful state before God.

This is about as real as it gets. Know anybody like this? Bet you know PLENTY of people like this. This is an example of a prevalent human condition, sometimes known as the "I Did It My Way Syndrome". The Bible calls it making a god in your own image.

See how the Moral Law (Ten Commandments) humbles a young man as Ray shares with him at Seal Beach in Southern California.

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