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The Deadly, Death-Dealing Nicolaitans

quoted from the Bible Believers' Bulletin, April 1996

As all students of Scripture know, the word Nicolaitan (Rev. 2:6, 15) is a reference to "professional church operators." These were proud, carnal pastors and Bible teachers who wished to rule over the "laity" and control them. They seized control of the local churches after A.D. 325, via State-backed authority and School-backed authority (the Scholars' Union from Alexandria, Egypt) and forced the uneducated and immature church members to accept their traditions, cliches, teachings, surmises, allegations, theories, and opinions as the Final Authority in all matters of faith and practice. The outcome of this Nicolaitan movement, as any church historian knows, was the creation of the Roman Catholic Vatican hierarchy.
This desire to be the final authority in spiritual matters began in Isaiah 14:12-14 and is first manifest on earth in Genesis 3:1, where the aspiring "godly pastor" questions what God SAID. To make sure you understand that Satan is "godly," the NIV (recommended by Chuck Swindoll, Gleason Archer, John Ankerberg, James White, and your nearest "Christian" bookstore) has taken Jesus Christ's title from Him (Rev. 22: 16, "the bright and morning star") and attached it to the "good, godly pastor" who questioned God's word. Satan is the "morning star" in the NIV (Isa. 14:12).
Now this proud, rebellious attitude (and method of operation) is more than six millenniums old. To think, as James White does, that it vanished when the New Testament books were being written, is the epitome of ignorance. In White's book of 271 pages (The King James Only Controversy) you will learn that Satan has never "had a hand" in the translation (or mistranslation) of one verse in any English Bible in 390 years. Furthermore, he was not even slightly interested in anything God said in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or Syriac before the New Testament was written. In Nicolaitan folklore, Satan is innocent.
Who then is guilty? For example, who is guilty right now of splitting churches, causing confusion in the Body of Christ, "beleaguering" pastors, stirring up divisive movements, and causing people to doubt the authority of the Holy Bible. Someone is. Who is it?
Philpot, in 1857, prophesied that it (the guilty party) would be the first committee that attempted to get rid of the King James English text (The Last Grenade, 1990).
That honor fell to Westcott and Hort, and was carried out to the letter by Eberhard and Erwin Nestle (1898-1989), and Kurt Aland and the United Bible Societies. Did Philpot tell the truth? He said that "two conflicting versions" would split the Body of Christ. "The morning star" delivered the goods beyond his wildest expectations: 200 conflicting versions turned up, one every six months, for the next 100 years.
But, of course, that didn't cause any confusion! Oh my no! Nothing "divisive" about 200 conflicting versions. Of course not. The Scholars' Union produced all 200 of them. Every one of their translators claimed the same sinless motive (to help people understand the word of God, et al.). Every one of them was produced by a cloned robot who had been "programmed" by Schaff, Green, Ellicott, Hort, Nestle, Tischendorf, etc. ...the Alexandrian Cult. And every author blamed people who accepted the King James Bible as their final authority for the confusion that resulted. That confusion produced the twentieth century with all of its appendages. The Scholars' Union, like Pilate, washed their hands of the whole affair, and claimed (with all the innocence of Little Bo Peep) that THEIR work had nothing to do with the economic, moral, social, and spiritual conditions of their own century.
This was the century that violently killed (murdered, as well as killed in action) more than 59,000,000 unarmed civilians, more than 30,000,000 troops, and wounded more than 10,000,000 people while displacing more than 4,000,000 families. The Scholars' Union pleaded "not guilty" on all counts. Their perversions of the Holy Bible, they said, were not responsible for any of it; including 4,000,000 abortions a year, and international drug traffic, the end of America's sovereignty, and a divorce rate of sixty percent.

But with the guilty consciences all of them had, they had to explain the century. So they said this century would produce the BEST English translations of the Bible the Body of Christ had ever seen. This was a confession that they were all religious evolutionists. No premillennial Bible scholar on earth ever believed that the high point of Biblical truth would be just before the Son of Perdition took over the UN. But that is what James White believes, and he states it, speaking for all of the Cult.
Now there is someone (Satan), along with over 5,000 BRAINWASHED DUPES WITH SEMINARY DEGREES, who wants the Body of Christ to believe that the schisms and divisions in the Body, in this decade, are the result of Bible believers trying to get a nation back to the Bible where they can believe it. "Using it" is a cultic cliche, used by all apostates in the Laodicean church. Pragmatists will USE anything that works. So here we have two definitions that will fit every man who recommended a version as superior, or equal, to the King James Bible.
1. He is a religious evolutionist.
2. He is a philosophical pragmatist. In a moment we will see that he is also:
3. A secular humanist and
4. A practical atheist.
No practical atheist prays about Bible versions or prays about which one is the best or which one is right or which one is wrong. He judges this himself. He is his own final authority. He is "God." He uses "the one of his choice." He goes to the church "of his choice" because he "prefers it." His watchword is "academic freedom." He is not a bondslave of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 6:19-20). He has no "master" (Eph. 6:9). He is the "master of his fate," the "Captain of his soul" (Invictus, Hendley).
Now this mass of highly educated, well read, smooth, slick, courteous, cultured hypocrites compose the "Yea Hath God Said Society." They all have the same aim and goal. But they have an obstacle before them which they must eliminate to attain that goal. This obstacle must be destroyed. It must be destroyed by any means. The best means are by the promotion of Scholarship Only-ism (the opinions and preferences of Christian scholars are the final authority), and by "Pastoral Authority" (the pastor can correct the Bible anytime, and you must believe he is right). Only one obstacle can stop the apostate Conservative, Evangelicals, and Fundamentalists who take this "turn of events." I will tell you what it is in a minute.
But first you must understand clearly what these Nicolaitans hope to achieve. What they want is UNITY at the expense of truth. What they want is UNITY based on tolerance of relative truths (values clarification, situation ethics, moral relativism, sensitivity training, ad infinitum, ad nauseum), after abandoning ABSOLUTE truth. Their "game plan" is as clear as a cloudless day in June. What they hope for is to ensnare every Christian in the same trap; the one they control. They want him subservient to them, so they can control him; but without him knowing that he "has had a job done on him" (see Gen. 3). The procedure for destroying these Christians is given in Romans 16; Jude; and 2 Peter 2. You appeal to their desire to "liberate" themselves from "bondage," and you do it with "good words and fair speeches." If they resist, you accuse them of "being divisive", "giving in to hate", "being angry", "looking for a fight", and you imply that they would be better christians if they would "live peaceably with all men" rather than standing firm for SOUND DOCTRINE. This, ( sacrificing the truth for "unity") of course gives them free reign to continue unfettered in their rotten devilment.
Once these desperate, lying, divisive, destructive Bible critics steal your absolute authority or absolute truth from you, you are automatically placed into THEIR arena, where they fix the rules and terms: this arena is the arena of Higher Christian Education and Textual Criticism. In that arena, you are hopelessly outclassed unless you have had a minimum of four years post graduate work. This neatly eliminates ninety percent of the Body of Christ in one whack. That is what the Nicolaitans intend. They want a free run of the mill. They are the minority "called of God" to run the Body of Christ. In their end of the ball park, only relative truths are dealt with, and the jackass who has the biggest ears (the most educational degrees and qualifications) is the final interpreter of Scripture where any conflicts arise: more than 64,000 are now "extant," in 200 conflicting translations.

So to these Satanic dupes (all off them are professing Christians, and professing "godliness," and professing sincerity and honesty) the greatest obstacle to their goal would be any Christian who believed that he had access to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, in the form of a Holy Bible that he himself could read, study, teach, and preach. That would be the most deadly enemy any Christian Nicolaitan could have on this earth; for that enemy would prevent UNITY under Scholarship Onlyism. He would stop other Christians from "going along" with relative opinions based on Satanic criticism.
And this explains the strange scene you now see unfolding before your eyes at the end of the Church Age. One section of Christ's Body is assembled around a handful of destructive Bible critics and Christian schools, who insist that UNITY is only possible under "godly" scholars (like themselves) who call Satan "the morning star," while the greatest enemies of this unity are divisive "Ruckmanites," etc., who insist on judging "godly scholars" by a Book that says Satan is NOT the "morning star" (or close to it). A Nicolaitan apostate, in 1996, knows his enemy. His enemy is a Bible-believing Christian who knows that every dispensation ends in apostasy, and the Church Age is no exception. His enemy is a man whose mind is controlled by what God said that has been recorded in a BOOK, a Book which he can read and memorize. This is the enemy that must be driven out of the local churches before there can be "unity" under "pastoral authority." The Body of Christ must be reduced to total dependency upon scholarship, and scholars, for their beliefs, convictions, decisions, sermons, and teachings.
It is the scholars themselves, naturally, who teach this.
We call this Alexandrian Cult of apostate Nicolaitans "The Scholars' Union." They think YOU are the trouble because you will not give up final authority; faith in a Book that is the absolute truth. They want that faith placed in THEIR opinions and preferences, based on the education they received under apostates exactly like themselves, who fell (blind) into the ditch ahead of them.
Our position is clear. We know who the enemy is. It is a professing Christian who professes to believe in a lost pile of papers that were never in ANY Book. His reason for believing this is so you will have to depend on his EDUCATION to find out what was in those lost pieces of paper. Our enemy belongs to what he fondly calls "the scholarly community," which is nothing but a twenty century old secret brotherhood of proud, self-righteous, egotistical ASSES who think God called them to run the church.
Our enemy lays the blame on us; we lay it on him.
He says we are "divisive" for trying to get Christians to stick to the Book that got them saved, blessed their country, and gave them the highest standard of living on earth. We have asked them to go by one standard instead of 200. That is "divisive" in Nicolaitan terminology, for Nicolaitans are after a UNITY based on abandoning one standard, and adopting as many as you want (situation ethics) so you can adjust yourself to every situation where you will have the advantage (self preservation; survival of the fittest).
We say that the RV and ASV did more to cause confusion in the Body of Christ, and more to divide the Body of Christ, than Communism, Socialism, or Roman Catholicism. We say that the NIV and NASV have caused more trouble in local churches, and more church splits than 2,000 adulterers, 100 embezzlers, and 3,000 Moonies and Armstrongites. The Cult used the PASTOR to split the church. He was too stupid to see how they programmed him, in school, to use him when he got out, as a battering ram against their most deadly enemies: BIBLE-BELIEVING CHRISTIANS.
And there it is. We desire the Book to run you. The scholars want to run you. We desire you to be in subjection to the Book; they desire for you to be in subjection to their curriculums which they studied. We desire for you to have no preferences, or choices, independently of the direct leadership of the Holy Ghost, while praying; and they want you to chose your own "life-style" and ''value judgments" as THEY did; by questioning what God said. They are death dealers. They deal with skulls. Their breath is the putrid stinking breath of the Adamic corpse. Their motives are as twisted as their goals, and their thoughts are as perverse as the translations they recommend. I have told you their goal. I have told you their purpose, and if you had an ounce of sense you would know you were told the truth. If you didn't know, you could check everything I said in less than one hour talking with any apostate in the Cult (Bob Jones III, James White, John MacArthur, John Ankerberg, Custer, Afman, Price, Martin, Farstad, Palmer, Barker, Fee, Aland, Bruce, Metzger, Carson, Lindsel, Swindoll, Hodges, Kutilek, Sumner, et al.).
When are you going to check them out?

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