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Kicking Out The Props

Full title: "Kicking The Props Out From Under The Cloned Droids Of The Alexandrian Cult"

The following is excerpted from an article in the Bible Believers Bulletin, November 1998. As you read it, keep in mind that Greek has been a "dead language" for fifteen centuries, and that God dumped the Greek for the English over 400 years ago. God's providence delivered to us an inerrant English Bible (the King James Bible, or Authorized Version) in the universal language of the modern world, a Bible whose language has not been destroyed by the cultural marxists of this century. Greek has been mutilated by the German rationalist philosophers and the lexicographers. You cannot trust a modern lexicon, and the majority of Greek scholars are as crooked as a hound's hind leg. In terms of common sense, they don't know "come here from sic 'em."

The present text of the English AV is superior to ANY Greek manuscripts that are "extant" or to the unknown, unseen, unread "original autographs."
The reason why this "heresy" “sets the hair on end” on the cloned robots of the Scholars Union / Alexandrian Cult / Nicolaitan Cult is that it kicks the props out from under their faculties and staffs ($$$) who make their living for them ($$$). It implies that a man can learn just as much Bible, or more, by ignoring ALL of the extant Greek manuscripts. The truth of the matter is that he CAN, and often does. If I were to pick ten of the biggest Bible dumbbells that ever made an ass out of themselves, posing to be experts on the "Bible," I would pick Dr. A. T. Robertson, Eberhard Nestle, Erwin Nestle, Westcott, Hort, Phillip Schaff, Benjamin Warfield, J. G. Machen, and Doug Kutilek. "Also rans" would be the committees that put together the NASV, NAV, and NRSV. Now, consider fact instead of fiction.

1. The originals are not available to anyone. The saying, therefore, that they are superior to the Authorized English Bible is to take a step into the dark by faith without works. If they were "superior," in what way were they superior? You don't know one scholar on five continents that could tell you. Easier to read? No, although that is the alibi given to prove the NIV, CEV, NEB, etc., are "superior"! More accurate? When dealing with WHAT? How do you know that a commercial fisherman like Peter wrote an errorless "original" without misspelling a word or making a mistake in grammar? Why would he have to? I will take a "step by faith" and say that Peter's first two copies were messed up in places so he wrote a THIRD copy before God accepted it as "original." I will go further. He wrote several originals God didn't allow to get into the canon; so did John, James, and Paul. I have just as much proof as YOU do. And that goes for all the men that taught you.

2. According to all of the manuscript detectives, the "originals" would have been written in continuous, blockcapital letters, with no paragraph or sentence markings, and not even any markings between words; thus they WOULDREADLIKETHIS.
And that is superior to the English text? In what way? According to all the manuscript detectives, there are no verse or chapter numbering in the originals. Wouldn't this make it ten times as hard to "turn to a verse" when you wanted someone to see it or learn it? Wouldn't it also tend to cover up the work of future heretics since you would have to spend hours trying to run down the same places, whereas with a chapter and verse system you could turn to it immediately to see if it was a false rendering?

3. When it comes to memory work, are you not acquainted yet with the "poetic beauty" of the AV that surpasses the Greek texts? Study any work by a professional grammarian and see what went on with the "King's English" at the height of its perfection. Get the work by Gail Riplinger called The Language of the King James Bible (AV Publications, VA, 1998) and note not only the poetic cadences in the sentences and verses, but in the words themselves. Greek and Latin are not poetic, rhythmic languages. Neither is English, ORDINARILY, nor is German. It is Italian and French that contain the rhythms, but no one yet has been able to produce a Bible in ANY language as poetic as the AV. Thus it lends itself to Scripture memorization; anyone can remember the lyrics to a song better than they can "blank verse." But the "originals" are superior, are they? In what way?

We are assured that the order of Books in the Hebrew Old Testament is proper; it doesn't match those of the AV, which show the correct chronological order of history and prophecy. In the AV you can find the captivity of Israel mentioned in 2 Chronicles (matching A.D. 70 under Titus); the return to Palestine in Ezra (matching the Balfour Declaration of 1917); the rebuilding of the city (matching A.D. 1948); the abandonment of a Gentile bride and her replacement with a Jewish bride (Esther), matching the transition from the Church Age into the Great Tribulation, which pops up in the next book (Job: forty-two chapters; one for each month in Rev. 11-13). In the next book (Psalm 2) the Millennium arrives with the Messiah on David's throne in Jerusalem. This phenomenon is not found in the "original autographs." They missed something. When Israel rejected Christ (Acts 7), after the original Hebrew Old Testament was written, GOD CHANGED THE ORDER OF HISTORY (see the material on John the Baptist "being" Elijah); so He changed the order of His books!
You will not nail God Almighty down and "fix" Him where you can locate Him according to the standards of your own stupidity. It is the Philadelphia church (A.D. 1500-1900) that "keeps" God's words, not the Ephesian church (Rev.2), nor the Laodicean church.
4. The universal language of the "endtime" is English, not Greek. The God of history is the God of Scripture. He didn't freeze in A.D. 90. More than three-fourths of ANY Bible deals with material beyond 1998. You knew that, didn't you? Why didn't you know that? Ever read the Bible? The emphasis was never on the First Coming of Christ; it was never on the church or the sacraments; it never deals with any "Pope" or any "Catholic" or at length on anybody's "religion." There are more than 700 verses in the Bible that deal with the Second Advent (Gen. 3, 14, 24, 46, 49; Exod. 15; Deut. 21, 28-32; Josh. 1-7; Judg. 5; 1 Sam 17-18; 2 Sam. 22; 1 Kings 1-9; Isa. 2, 11 :112, 9, 65-66, etc.).

If God wanted to reach the whole world in the Tribulation, through Jewish evangelists (Rev. 7: Paul, Jonah, and Jeremiah are types) He would use English-speaking Jews. He wouldn't touch "the original Greek" with a tenfoot bamboo pole. The "second language" that ninety percent of the countries on this globe choose, if they can choose one, is ENGLISH, as in the AV (1611).
Now... all of that leads up to this:The "droids" would rather die and go to Hell than give up their self-appointed place as lords over God's heritage, due to their educational and intellectual attainments. They want you to depend on a dead language, that died out more than fifteen centuries ago, and accept as your final authority a set of manuscripts that do not even match; a set that is not even "the Majority Text," and a language that less than one percent of the saved people on earth can even read. That brings you under the roof of them and their buddies; none of them are real Bible believers. They are "practical atheists." They have no book that they accept as an absolute final authority. They are leaders of a Cult that is more than 1,900 years old. It was called, in the Bible, the Cult of the "Nicolaitans" (Rev. 23).
Their job was to get the "preeminent place" (2 John) by "lording it over the flock" (1 Pet. 5). They are all TALK and no action; all blabber mouth and no fruit; they "talk a good fight." They hold meetings, they talk about soul winning, they pretend they "stand for the faith once delivered to the saints," but alongside the apostle Paul, they look like two dozen flea-bitten Chihuahuas trying to imitate a K-9 German Shepherd.
Tell them to take their nonexistent, imaginary "original autographs" and correct them instead of the Holy Bible. (They would if they had them; you can bet money on it.) Their "final authority" is their opinions about the opinions of the people who have opinions like themselves. They would never, never, no never! give up their place in the Body of Christ as YOUR final authority and yield it to the Holy Bible (AV 1611). Their egos are too precious to them for that. That is for "commoners" like Ruckman!

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