Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Velocity Awards!!!

Officer: "Is there any particular reason you were going 82 mph?"
Me: "Ah-h-h... I was looking for second gear."

Poor slob spends his days in a lame Dodge SUV (with a DOG!) and has never had the blissful experience of riding (or should I say piloting?) a BMW K1200 S. He actually thinks 82 is FAST! Maybe fast for a posted 30-mph curve, but sheesh... not for a straight country road with no traffic. This little beast will do 186 mph or so... and COMFORTABLY!!! If there's such a thing as a wet dream on two wheels, the K1200S is it.
...Wish it would stop raining. Bummer...

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Elyssa said...

I really like that sky shot.