Thursday, August 18, 2005

Night Creatures

My son Justin and I have been into photography for a while. Lately we've been going out at night and shooting the denizens of the dark (with cameras). So far, the take has included a large toad, a katydid, dragonflies, and various orb-weaver spiders. This afternoon, Justin took a really good picture of a dragonfly. Last week, we got some good shots of damselflies, a lot of fantastic sunset photos, and some good photos of the Canadian countryside where some of my forebears lived. This spider picture is one that I shot at night with my Canon S2 IS on super macro mode with a flashlight for illumination. I also shot an amazing video of this spider wrapping up a struggling moth. The illumination made it possible to see the saran-wrap-like spider silk being ejected to rapidly wrap the moth in a cocoon of sorts. The intelligence, speed, and dexterity of this creature are incredible. You'd have to see it to believe it. Accident of evolution or creation of an amazing God? You decide.
I acquired a new respect for these amazing creatures.

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