Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bird Flu

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

This is an exerpt from an interview with the good doctor (pictured above). To read it in its entirety, click the link and scroll down the list of articles to March 2006 & click on "Fowl! Bird flu: what it's really about" or download this pdf file.

Harkins: Is the H5N1 virus a new virus or has it been around for a long time?

Tenpenny: H5N1 has been identified in domestic fowl before. The first outbreak of an H5N1 bird flu was recorded by the WHO in 1959 in Scotland and then in 1991 in England. More recent outbreaks were identified in Hong Kong in chickens in 1997 and 2002. All of the influenza A viruses are known to exist in the intestines of wild birds symbiotically and asymptomatically. This virus, which has been around a long time, is being used to advance political and mega-corporate agendas.

Harkins: What are those "political and corporate" agendas?

Tenpenny: It appears that the lobbying power of pharmaceutical companies and the global poultry and egg-producing companies have influenced the development of the bird flu scare. The world is being convinced that the H5N1 virus will mutate so that it can spread from human-to-human. The corporate benefit to the pharmaceutical companies is selling billions of dollars worth of drugs and vaccines. The huge, multinational poultry producers will survive the costs associated with the mass killing of their factory-farmed, genetically-modified birds while most small poultry producers will be forced out of business and into servitude to multinational agribusiness. Politically, bird-flu hysteria will allow governments to grow as they develop new schemes to regulate entire industries, implement mass vaccination programs and put into operation police states as a consequence of the predicted pandemic.

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