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Who Killed FBI Man John O'Neill?

The subject matter related to the "title" of this blog post appears at the end of the post. The intro material is something that came to my attention at the last minute.
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This photo was released by the FBI on or before Sept 26, 2001. It is a fake, as is the FBI's story of its origin. The complete story is accessible via the link above.
1 World Trade Center was topped with a distinctive 360 foot television mast, which supported 10 major television antennas and a host of ancillary antennas.

2 World Trade Center was topped with an observation deck that would allow viewers, on a good day, to see 45 miles in any direction (except down).

At 8:45 AM EST, a hijacked American Airlines jet - Flight 11 out of Boston's Logan Airport, a Boeing 767 - plowed into the north face of 1 World Trade Center.

Barely 15 minutes later, at roughly 9 AM, a second hijacked jet, United Airlines Flight 175 - also a Boeing 767 out of Logan Airport - approached from the south and impacted the south face of 2 World Trade Center.

Within an hour and a half, both towers, in reverse order, would collapse. The damage and resulting fires would eventually bring down or irreparably damage every building in the World Trade Center complex.

If this picture was indeed taken from the World Trade Center's observation deck, then both the camera and the fellow against the railing are standing on the roof of 2 World Trade Center.

The tower that the American Airlines flight crashed into was 1 World Trade Center, which would be outside this photo's frame to the left - the aircraft in this photo is plainly heading toward the right and into 2 WTC.

The airplane that did collide with 2 World Trade Center, a United Airlines 767, neither shares coloration with the aircraft in this photo, nor approached 2 WTC from the direction this photograph shows; United Flight 175 approached from the south - the photographer has their back to that side of the building.

By the time the United Airlines jet hit 2 WTC, 1 World Trade Center was billowing a giant plume of smoke that, because of the prevailing winds that morning, had enveloped the top of 2 WTC. That, and the fact (reported on multiple other sites) that September hours for the observation deck meant it wouldn't have opened until 9:30am, (45 minutes after the first plane hit) tell that no tourist photos could have been taken on 2 WTC's deck either before or after the attack.

Additionally, the plane in the photograph is a Boeing 757, an entirely different plane from the 767s used in the attack.

The weather in New York City on September 11 averaged nearly 70° Farenheit according to The Weather Channel's website, with early morning lows around 61° F. Even at the top of a 1,362 foot building, I can scarcely conceive of someone requiring a parka and knit hat on a lovely day like that.

Though the above has hopefully shown factually why this image is a fraud, let's approach the same conclusion from a different direction. Part of my livelihood involves retouching photos. Let's talk about troubling visual details in the photo...

The aircraft in this picture would have been approaching the World Trade Center buildings at nearly 300 miles per hour, and yet it shows no sign of blurring due to motion. Photographers cannot even crisply capture a baseball in flight without adjusting the camera's shutter speed, and yet we're expected to believe that an airplane moving three times as fast as the best fastball in the American League is sitting as clearly rendered in the air as if it were motionless?

The jet is also in perfect focus. In fact, the airplane appears to be more sharply defined than the person in the picture. Odd, wouldn't you say? (Photographers will understand the problem here.)

The photograph (minus the airplane) is underexposed. Photographs from that day show the sky to be a much brighter, more saturated blue than the subdued sky we see in this picture. The railings on the observation deck of 2 World Trade Center were bright white, and yet in the photo, they appear to be grey. That wouldn't be so odd of it weren't for the fact that the white stripe in the three-color American Airlines banding on the airplane in this photo is a brilliant white. If they were both part of the same photo, you would expect the brightness of white to be consistent, right?

Further, compare the way the airplane is lit as opposed to how the young man is lit... The airplane, unlike everything else in this image, seems to be lit from nearly overhead and slightly to the front. Examine the way light reflects off the nose of the airplane and this is easily visible, most tellingly in the brilliant glare above the cockpit. This is completely unlike the shadows across the young man's face and the railing on the observation deck, which are due to an oblique light source much lower to the horizon.

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This movie (Who Killed John O'Neill?) gives the best analysis I have ever seen of the structure of the criminal corporate global cartel (Greed, Oil, Drugs) and its relationship to governments, industry, banking, the intelligence community and the "War on Terror". It names the players and details their history.
Al Qaeda (al-CIA-duh) is not what we have been told it is. It's "soldiers" protect the international drug trade. And our government is a criminal protection racket. Terrorist events will occur whenever anyone or anything threatens that racket. Can YOU handle the truth?

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