Friday, March 16, 2007

Media Watch Debunks the Globaloney

The photo was taken two and a half years ago, in August, at the end of the summer, just a little offshore (a short swim for a bear). The photographer's name is Amanda Byrd, and she was not complicit in this scam. You have the impression the bears are in the middle of the ocean and they are going to die. The photo was exploited for propaganda purposes in the "war on global warming". Associated Press released the photo two and a half years after it was taken, on the day the United Nations released its major global warming report. They lied about its origin, according to Neil Breen, Editor of the Sunday Telegraph. He said, "Associated Press in their caption to us told us that the picture was taken of melting ice caps and to do with global warming and that it was sent to them by a Canadian ice authority and we had no reason to question it." Watch the video here, or click the top image on this post.

That photo was published not only in the Sunday Telegraph.
It made it onto the front page of the New York Times.
And the International Herald Tribune.
It also ran in London's Daily Mail, The Times of London and Canada's Ottawa Citizen - and that's just to name a few.
All used it as evidence of global warming and the imminent demise of the polar bear.

But the photo wasn't current. It was two and a half years old.
And it wasn't snapped by Canadian environmentalists.

It was taken by an Australian marine biology student on a field trip. Summer, when every year the fringes of the Arctic ice cap melt. And then they freeze again.

New Arctic Ice Cap Story Is A Hoax

Laurence Hecht
21st Century Science & Technology

A non sequitur and a fallacy of composition are the essence of scare stories circulating on major wire services today, which report on a new study of the extent of Arctic sea ice melt.

The study, published in the May 1 issue of Geophysical Research Letters, reports an historical review of satellite and other data which indicates that the extent of Arctic sea ice at the end of the summer melt season in September has been declining since 1953. The news stories twist this statistical fact into scare stories, the one circulated by Agence France Presse claiming that sea level will rise by seven meters.

In fact, as anyone who observes ice melting in a cold drink can determine, when floating ice melts, the water level remains the same or falls very slightly. The claim of a rise in sea level is thus a non sequitur. It is justified on the basis of a wild fallacy of composition--the claim that the melting of the Arctic sea water will inevitability lead to the melting of the entire Greenland glacier.

Never reported is the fact that the last major study of the Greenland ice sheet [Zwally, et al. Journal of Glaciology (2005)] showed a slight increase in ice mass from 1992-2002. The one- to two-mile thick Greenland ice sheet was thinning at the margins but growing by a greater extent inland. Polar specialists know well that the Arctic climate is highly variable and very sensitive to small changes in local temperature. As Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu of the International Arctic Research Center in Alaska noted, the extent of Arctic sea ice melt in the 1920s was greater than today (with far less contribution from human-produced carbon dioxide), and was followed by a period of thickening. Akasofu called Al Gore's movie "science fiction."

The theory that human-produced carbon dioxide produces climate warming has no scientific validity, and has been amply refuted by hundreds of leading scientists in thousands of papers.

The new study (Stroeve, et al. "Arctic sea ice decline: Faster than forecast") is questionable in that it focuses entirely on statistical methods of modeling and extrapolation. In general, extrapolation from short-term statistical trends is meaningless in scientific investigation. Three astronomical phenomena suggest that the Earth is moving towards an Ice Age: northern hemisphere summer is occurring near aphelion; orbital inclination is high at 23.5 degrees; and ellipticity is moderate.

But far worse than the methodological problems of the Arctic sea ice study are today's news reports of it. These represent the height of politically motivated irresponsibility. At bottom, greenhouse warming is a hoax. Its purpose is to stop industrial development, reduce population, and condemn two thirds of the world to continued poverty and misery. As the science isn't there to prove it, the theory can only be justified by fabrications of the sort circulating on wire services today.

The secret words for today are "corporatist mercantilism". Understand their meaning, and you will understand what the global warming hype is really about. It's a con game.

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