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Mary (Semiramis) & Mohammed

By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

In spite of past “stances” taken by the Roman Catholic Church and Islam (notably the Crusades:1090–1220) the facts remain that both religions make “pilgrimages” to “holy” cities; both have black-magic Black stones (supposedly descending from heaven); both set up Church States wherever they are able to conquer a country militarily (France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Portugal, etc.); both go to work eliminating all other “faiths” from ruling positions (governors, mayors, councilmen, presidents, kings, ambassadors, dukes, barons, chancellors, prime ministers, etc.); both believe that killing “nonbelievers” (Serbians, Waldensians, Jews, Protestants, Lollards, Lutherans, Calvinists, et al.) is proper if it is done “for the glory of God” (or Allah); and both believe it is their destiny to rule the entire world by replacing all other religions (for example, note Suras 61:9, 48:28, and 9:33 from the “Holy” Koran or any statement by any pope from A.D. 500 to A.D. 1920.)
Both of these totalitarian religious systems believe their system replaced Israel after A.D. 70, so their people (Catholics and Moslems) are God’s new “elect” or “chosen people.” No documentation is necessary. The Catholics spiritualized all of the Old Testament promises to Israel more than 1,000 years ago and do so now—all Catholic popes, bishops, nuns, monks, “secretaries,” bishops, archbishops, and “nuncios.” This theological position is called “postmillennialism.” In the Koran, it is stated clearly in Sura 5:3, 3:18, 25, 109. The footnotes in the Koran on Sura 3:109 say that the Moslems ARE the “chosen people of God”—not the Catholic Church or the Jews— and that the Arabs are “the standard bearers of the truth”—not any pope or any rabbi.(p. 161, footnote 475 by Maulana Muhammad Ali, 1998).
In The Great Unknown, for March 1999, you read on pages 156 (“Next Stop–After Life”) that the official Roman Catholic position, as defined by Pope John Paul II (March 1999), is that Hell is not a place at all; it is a “state of being.” Two Roman Catholics print their assent to John Paul’s position. One (Sarah Hall) says “Hell” is the “ugly things I do, making snap judgments, elbowing people in subways—coming back to hurt me.” Another fine Catholic (Sharon Allen) says “Hell” must be “the total absence of other people. Humans, at their most basic level, are very social creatures.”
Mohammed clears up the Catholic’s problem in the Koran and does it more than 300 years before John Paul II was born. He says that Hell is not a place at all; it is just a “condition” (Sura 2:25, 47:6. The comments are by the Islamic scholar M. Muhammad Ali, footnote 245a, p. 1032). If the Catholic “papa” and Mohammed were right, then twenty-one of the biggest religious liars who ever deceived sinners were Jesus Christ, Moses, the apostle John, Isaiah, David, John Knox, Martin Luther, Billy Sunday, J. Frank Norris, Jonathan Edwards, Theodore Epps, Charles Fuller, Bob Jones Sr., Sam Jones, Peter Cartwright, Gypsy Smith, R. A. Torrey, Jack Hyles, Charles G. Finney, Gen. William Booth, and Queen Victoria.
Now, just as Rome’s true intents and plans are perfectly manifest by their publications (see the two volumes by O. C. Lambert or any of the volumes by Lehmman, Peterson, Manhattan, Zachello, Blanschard, et al.) so the “Palestinian’s State,” recommended by John Paul and President Bush (along with the hearty approval of FIVE Moslem terrorist organizations: Al Fatah, the Hizbullah, the Fidayeen, the PLO, and the Hamas) has been perfectly “vocal” in telling 187 nations in the UN what their intents are; and they have done this openly since 1921. While “summits” (Oslo, Wye, Camp David) and similar publicity stunts have been taking place, the AIM of Arafat—who is an Egyptian and not a Palestinian—and all Moslems who believe the Koran, is to attack and destroy every Jew in Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisian, and Palestine. I just finished reading a 253 page book, The Islamic Threat, written in 1992, where a typical, highly-educated, NEA-double-speaking displayer of “buzz words”— any modern news reporter or commentator on foreign affairs— tries to show that it is a sin to “stereotype” Moslem leaders, since some of them have been (and are) “pro- Western” and “progressive” in their politics and economics. He further justifies Islam terrorism on the grounds that, in the past, “Christians” have terrorized Moslems (the Crusades). Not knowing the difference between the Roman Catholic hierarchy’s State Church and a “Christian,” the poor fool’s “research” produced nothing but SMOG.
But further, the naive bullshooter in 1992 never discussed the present attitude of Islam towards Israel (1921–1999), which is now backed by the USA and the UN, as well as Russia and Red China. All four groups are anti-Semitic. No Jew attacked ANY of them; not once in 1,800 years.

The author, John Esposito, simply stumbles through 1,900 years of history discussing various political, economic, social, and “community” movements, which avoid telling the reader what the real “threat” of Isalm is: the real threat is what it calls “the Holy Scriptures.” In the Koran, every devout Moslem— not some “fanatical, left-wing terrorist”—is obligated to kill anyone who makes fun of his religion or his “prophet” or his “god.” The author turns out to be just one more naive child, out of thousands of “incubator babies,” raised in a “hot house” that specializes in “isolated mentalities.” In his effort to pacify terrorists, unify heretics, and present a positive view of Islam’s future, he simply pretends the Koran doesn’t exist or that no Moslem has to really take it seriously; since some Muslims
do NOT take it seriously he assumes that the “nominal” Moslems will get rid of their own “terrorists.” Not if they are against Israel, no.
They never have yet one time since the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood was founded (1928). They are not doing it right now, and they will not do it in the future. The author of The Islamic Threat was just trying to sell a book, so he gave you a typical, “positive-thinking” approach (Robert Schuller, ABC, NBC, Time, Newsweek, CNN, FOX, CBS, etc.) which is just as false (always) as Roman Catholic theology.
If you want to know what took place in history in the last century (1900–2000), here it is in black and white, through a period of seventy years, while every Catholic on earth closed his eyes and ears and pretended the things had not taken place. President Bush is doing it RIGHT NOW while you are reading this article.
1. El Aref: “My advice,then, is to continue your ASSAULT [not self-defense] against the Jews.” Aref was not a member of any terrorist organization.
2. Kamal Il Budsiri: “We are glad the massacre of the Jews took place (1921) and that we have looted them! The world admires the power of the sword and despises justice and common sense!”
3. Fahry Il Hussein: “If the government had allowed the Jews to fight, many of us would have been killed. We have to thank the police [British!!] who are ON OUR SIDE.”
4. Arafat’s uncle (the Grand Mufti, 1921): “We are proud of our great history and the MURDER of the Jews we have killed!”

Are you listening, UN? No, they never have listened. Are you listening Congress? Not them: not one of them. Hitler never gave it to you any plainer. Not one man I listed was a “terrorist” who went around with “suicide bombs” or crashed into city buildings.

5. Hafges Ara Turka(1920): “This is the great moment! We have succeeded in a great NATIONAL MOVEMENT!” (Hey, buddy! Your “national movement” didn’t succeed till you
rammed kamikaze divers into downtown New York; Sept. 11, 2001.)

“We shall meet with no opposition!” Well, none from President Bush, Congress, the Vatican, the UN, and the news media, no. “We must now take action against the Jews!!” Turka was not a member of the Hamas or the Hizbullah. The writer of The Islamic Threat simply didn’t know where he was from the time he sat down at the word processor till the time he got up (1992).

6. “Death to the Jews! There is no god but Allah!!” (1929); after Muslims killed 100 Jews at a prayer meeting.

This was done while Catholics, under papal orders from the Vatican, were buying up land on the “West Bank” and giving it to Muslims. None of them were “terrorists.” They simply were Bible-rejecting anti-Semitics caught up in a religious dictatorship that majored in geo-politics. Ditto ALL “conservative, progressive, pro- Western” Muslims.

7. In 1942, they told the Jews: “We will wipe ISRAEL off the face of the map. No Jew will remain alive.” Nothing had changed in twenty-one years (1920–1942). Nothing changed after 1942. Nothing changed between 1943 and 1993 while the news media pretended a “peace process” was present somewhere. It was nothing but a Chamberlain-Czechoslovakian “Peace in Our Times” peace process from 1920 to 2002.

“Get out or get killed.” “Give us what we demand, or we will start a war.”

The massive attacks against Hebron (by four Moslem armies; 1948) were accompanied by screams of “Jihad! Jihad!” Mary’s crew hollered, “God wills it! God wills it!” (History of the New
Testament Church, 1982, Vol. I, p. 285). Religious ignorance aflame; Mary and Muhammad. Thus has it been since A.D. 500, and thus shall it be till the “King of the Jews” returns to “the city of the great King” (Isa. 11, Psa. 2, Rev. 19) as “King of kings, and Lord of Lords.”

8. 1953: “Killing Jews is a sacred conviction with every Moslem”—not just the “terrorists.” Moslems began to shoot at trucks containing unarmed Jewish children (p. 383, Israel: A Deadly Piece of Dirt, 2000).

9. September 1, 1967: “There will be no further peace negotiations with Israel” (Moslem “summit” at Khartoum in the Sudan).

Did the UN get that message? Did they believe it? The USA didn’t. Eisenhower didn’t. Reagan didn’t. Bush didn’t. Clinton didn’t. How many times does Mohammed have to say it? Did Hitler ever say it any better? Then what in blazes were all of these “peace processes” doing in 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, and 1995, when Moslems (who were NOT terrorists) had informed the world that their goal was war: genocide.

10. Here is the tenth public announcement (worldwide) about the aims of any “Palestinian State.” Arafat: “Our rifles are ready and we are ready to raise them again” (Ramallah, 1969).

I have a photo of a stoneslinging Moslem who is stoning policemen (remember “Kent State”?). He is wearing a T-shirt that has some “graffiti” on it. It says “Notre Dame.” The word is the Latin Catholic word for “Our Lady”—meaning Mary; Mary and Mohammed.

11. Moslem posters in A.D. 2000 (June 9): “Jewish occupiers!” “Kill them when you see them!” “Islam will dominate the world!” “Jihad, the Moslem way!”

Moslem speaker: “Am I going to discuss PEACE with them?” (Bush and the pope are!) “No, no I will retaliate because it is the WORD OF GOD! Fight occupiers and KILL THEM wherever you
meet them!” “We are not terrorists. ‘Terrorism’ is to attack without Divine Right!”

Got it yet? They got it in downtown New York! Neither plane was piloted by “terrorists”; they were just devout Moslems obeying “the word of God”! Got it yet? That is, and has been, the Roman Catholic position on its own religion from A.D. 500 to A.D. 2002.
The writer of The Islamic Threat was nothing but a blind, illiterate FOOL.

12. “There is only one possible solution; take OUR land back and push the Jews into the sea. Every day I teach my daughter to HATE JEWS.” (Palestinian “refugee”— 1960. She was not a member of any terrorist organization. She called herself a “Palestinian” who needed a “Palestinian State” to carry out the Jihad.) Bush backed her up (October, 2001). So did John
Paul II.
(For a balanced perspective on the problem see the Google video, "Why the Mid-East Bleeds".

America backed up Mary and Mohammed after knowing, from history, that both State Churches were totalitarian in nature, and both were anti-Semitic to the core: HARD CORE.
They backed Mohammed up after twelve open public professions, distributed worldwide via radio, press, and TV, that the purpose of the Koran and its believers is to KILL every Jew in the Middle East now, and any place else after “Palestinians” capture Israeli territory by ARMED WARFARE. That is how Islam got loose from Arabia and invaded Turkey, Palestine, the Balkans, Persia, North Africa, France, Spain, and Italy (650–1917). That is not fiction; that is history. Mary and Mohammed: “partners,” with the approval of Russia, Red China, and the United States of America.

“God bless America?” Ah, the power of positive thinking.

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