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Mohammed’s Mythological Moon God

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

Using the two most “holiest” books in Islam (The Holy Hadith and The “Noble” Koran), we have documented the following facts which can be proved in any law court in the world.
1. “Allah” was never a term for the “God” of the Holy Bible or “Lord” or “Lord God” or “the Most HIGH” (Biblical terms) in ANY language since mankind was on planet earth. The Arabic for “God” is “Ilah.”
2. “Allah” was a local Bedouin god in Arabia: one of 360 gods housed in a “cube” (the Ka’aba: a place where polytheists kissed a black stone like the Blarney Stone in Ireland).
Some Arabs called him “Al-ilah.”
3. Long before Mohammed was born, his tribe (the Quraish tribe) adopted “Alilah” as their “chief” god out of several hundred gods.
4. “Allah” was the moon god who begat three “goddesses” (Al Uzzah, Manah [Manat], and Al Lat). Later, “Allah” was voted in as “Lord of the Ka’aba.”
5. This moon god selected a 600-winged angel, whom he called “Gabriel,” to dictate, orally, a religious book to an illiterate, epileptic polygamist who then declared that if you obeyed him, you obeyed “Allah” (The Koran: Sura 4:69, 80). All Arabic grammarians and Arabic scholars declare that the book which was produced (114 chapters) was:
a. Superior to both the Old and New Testaments (Sura 3:22, note 404; 49:13, note 2331).
b. It corrected their errors and supplied their “deficiencies” (Sura 98:3, note 2783).
c. It revealed to the whole world the “whole truth,” whereas the Bible only revealed partial truth to Jews (Sura 9:33).
d. The very words of Allah (which Mohammed never saw a day in his life till someone listening to him [Mohammed] wrote them down)— (Sura 19:19, note 1537).
e. Going about to establish his (Mohammed’s) religion and book over all the religions in the UN so, eventually, the “Kingdom of God” (which Mohammed established in A.D. 570–632)
would be the only true religion on earth (Suras 3:18; 29:48; 5:14, footnote 673; 9:33, footnote 10:54).

We then documented what we called “nonsense” statements; every one of them was simply a 600- winged angel (Hadith, Vol. VI, no. 380) correcting the “Holy Scriptures” as “given by inspiration of God” (2 Tim. 3:16). Our “sampler”—see article one—says that Gabriel informed Mohammed that:
1. Noah had a son who drowned in the flood. 2. Abraham built “the cube” in Mecca. 3. Angels have wings. 4. Christ was made from dust like Adam and was conceived as naturally as Mohammed or Yasser Arafat. 5. Hell and Paradise are literal, but neither one of them are PLACES. They are just “conditions.” 6. Mohammed was the “Comforter” Christ promised in John 16, but Gabriel was the HOLY SPIRIT in the same chapter (note 128 on Sura 2:87). Und so weiter.
This compilation of philosophical TRASH is scattered throughout 144 “chapters” with no more proof for one conjecture than you can find for pre-Cambrian organisms or O. J. Simpson’s innocency.
Some of our citations have been from the Hadith. This holy Islamic “source book” is the book that says it is good to drink camel urine (Vol. I, 234), that Satan stays in the upper part of your nose at night (Vol. IV, no. 516), and that he will urinate in your ears if you go to sleep while praying (Vol. II, no. 245). It further declares, with all the soberness of a drugged horned owl, that Adam was ninety feet tall (Vol. 4, no. 543). When such passages are cited, the modern Moslem hypocrites in the “West” (England, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and the Americas) say, “Oh, well, those writings were not given by Allah through Gabriel, so you cannot lay any weight on them.” According to every official scholarly Arabic teacher of the Koran (the ulamas, imams, and the hafizes), such a hypocrite is an apostate Moslem who deserved to be killed. (Although you can find random references in Gabriel’s “Koran” that say he doesn’t have to be killed.) It is The Holy Hadith that says the entire world belongs to two characters: Mohammed and his moon (crescent) god (Hadith, IV, no. 392).

You will find in The Bible: A Deadly Book (p. 76, 2003) a list of the greatest Arabic scholars in the twentieth century. They all agree that you need the Hadith as well as the Koran for “guidance in life” because Mohammed’s commandments in the Hadith are as “binding on all believers as the com- mandments of Allah.” “It is nothing short of REVELATION” (Sahih Muslim). Observe how all imams constantly, without realizing it, continually deify Mohammed while swearing that if any “associates anyone with Allah” he is a “polytheist” (Sura 5:72). No sinner can get to “Paradise” by just believing in Allah; he must believe in Mohammed and OBEY Mohammed (Sura 4:69). So here we find, in print (all six of my editions of the “Holy” Koran ), the most hypocritical statement ever recorded since “Mary” was declared to be an “eternal virgin.” To cover up his bloody footprints, the old fornicating killer, who sweated and foamed at the mouth like a camel when Gabriel talked to him (see The Bible: A Deadly Book, p. 188, 2003), swore that a 600-winged angel told him “there is no compulsion in religion” (Sura 2:256).
True to his clumsy, stupid, forgetful way of forgetting everything he says, “Gabriel” adds (in the same chapter!), “Fight [kill] them on until there is no tumult or oppression and there prevails justice AND FAITH IN ALLAH” (Sura 2:193). Then Gabriel says, “Fight THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN ALLAH”—the Arabian moon god (Sura 9:29). Then, after you have plowed through forty pages of tiny print by the Arabic scholars, trying to prove that all “jihads” are defensive wars fought against people who attack Moslems (M. M. Ali’s edition of the Koran, 1998, pp. 81–175), Mohammed himself gives you HIS OWN interpretation of the Suras he recited:
“I have been ORDERED to fight with the people till they say ‘none has the right to be worshipped but Allah [the moon god!]’” (The Hadith, Vol. IV, no. 196). The words “fight” and “kill” appear in the Koran more than twice as many times as the word “prayer.” “The people” is not just anyone who attacks a Moslem country or a Moslem. It is the mythological moon god himself who declares that you are to “Strike TERROR [as in “terrorism”] into the hearts of ALLAH’S ENEMIES.” Note! Not just “YOUR” enemies.
The moon god told Mohammed to decapitate and mutilate all unbelievers; the Koran says they are Jews and Christians (Suras 3:117; 18:102, 106; 4:76; 2:161, 176; 3:9, etc.). All tribulation saints (Rev. 6) are decapitated (Rev. 20:4). “Smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them. It is not you who slew them, but Allah” (Sura 8:12, 17).
The moon god promises that he will punish all non- Moslems and torment them by the hands of Moslems (Sura 9:14). Mohammed: “The purest JOY in Islam is to KILL or be killed for Allah” (The Arabs, David Lamb, Random House, 1987, p. 287). Jews and Christians are all to be eventually killed if they do not “embrace Islam.” That is exactly what any edition of the Koran teaches according to Skykh Abydullah Bin Muhammad bin Hamada of the Sacred Mosque of Mecca (The Bible: A Deadly Book, ibid., p. 22).
To find an alibi to do this and make it look like someone “attacked” a Moslem, the following things are considered to be “aggressive warfare” against Moslems.
1. Any remark that injured Mohammed’s “dignity.”
2. Any remark that makes fun of the Koran or the Hadith.
3. Any attempt to sell pork to a Moslem.
4. Any remark criticizing the Koran or correcting it.
5. Refusing to pay a tax as a submissive servant in a land that Moslems have captured.
6. Praying (or even walking) on Mt. Zion, if you are a Jew.
7. Telling the truth about the historical Allah and the historical Mohammed as who they actually were: a Bedouin moon god and a fornicating, illiterate, epileptic killer. “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, KILL HIM” (Hadith, Vol. V, no. 255). Why? Because the entire world belongs to Mohammed and his moon god (Hadith, Vol. 41, no. 392).

The word “Islam” originally referred to a military order. Mohammed was no more a “prophet” than Liberace was a linebacker. He was an egomaniac who wanted to take over Arabia. “Today Arabia— tomorrow the world.” “Defensive warfare in the Way of Allah” is the way Gabriel describes 1,400 years of slavery, killing, mutilation, torture, assassinations, sieges, demonstrations, riots, and revolutions; they are going on right now. “Take that man from here and cut off his tongue”. (Anecdotes from Islam, Sheik Muhammad Ahraf, LaHore Pub. Co., 1960, p. 20).
That was Mohammed. “Muhammad’s ethical sweetness, beauty . . . and modernity of thought . . . will not fail to appeal to higher minds” (The Sayings of Muhammad, ibid., p. 18). A real Koran-believing Moslem, like Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Rmadan al-Buti, says, about Sura 2:256: “The Holy War is basically an offensive war. The apostle of God [Heb. 3:1!] said ‘I was commanded [by a 600-winged angel] to fight the people until they believe in God and His message’” (Jurisprudence in Muhammad’s Biography, 7th edition. p. 134). All “defensive wars,” with the exception of the Roman
Catholic Crusades, were started by simply surrounding a city with armies and then “call them first to embrace Islam. If they refuse, then war.” That is the “defensive” wars in the “way of Allah” according to six qualified Koran scholars (The Bible: A Deadly Book, p. 33, 2003).
Kill those who associate other gods with Allah wherever you find them” (Sura 9:5), according to Ibn Hazm and Al-Baydawi. “Muhammad did not accept from the Arab less than Islam OR THE SWORD” (Vol. VIII, part 11, p. 196). That is “defensive warfare” since there is “no compulsion in religion”! The Book of the Islamic State, by Taqiy al-Din, says the foreign policy of all Islamic states—Iraq, Libya, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Trans-Jordan, Morocco,
etc.—must be “to carry the Islamic mission to the world by the way of HOLY WARS.”
Like the five Moslem nations that attacked Israel for coming back to their own homeland, all wars of Islam in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries are aggressive wars, even where they often attack their own people. Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadana al-Buti says, “The Holy War, as it is known in Islamic Jurisprudence, is basically an OFFENSIVE war.” Mohammed said simply: “I am God’s Holy Prophet and Messenger [and “Apostle”], and you are to believe that or ‘I’ll cut off your hands and your feet’” (Ibn Hisham, The Biography of the Apostle, p. 134). But Gabriel’s book said, “There is no compulsion in religion”!
Not one white-washed, hypocritical Pharisee in the New Testament could match such blatant hypocrisy. To say that you are insulting an “apostle of Allah” or detracting from his “dignity” after he made a statement like that is the equivalent of saying, “You ought to be killed for suggesting that Hitler might have been anti-Semitic.”

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